Casino bonus

No deposit casino bonus

casinobonusA no deposit bonus is a bonus that you get without having to make a deposit. It is very common for online casinos to give new members a no deposit bonus as soon as they complete the sign-up process. With the no deposit bonus, the new member can try out the casino without having to make a deposit first. It is usually not possible to withdraw any winnings generated by the no deposit welcome bonus without making a deposit first.

Sometimes online casinos will hand out no deposit bonuses to their current members as well, but this is more unusual than the no deposit welcome bonus. Generally speaking, you are more likely to get no deposit free spins than a no deposit bonus from a casino where you are not a new member.

Deposit bonus

A deposit bonus is a bonus tied to a deposit. Virtually all online casinos will give you a bonus on your first deposit, and many have welcome packages that are even more generous that this, e.g. deposit bonus on your first three deposits.

It is also very common for online casinos to give their current members deposit bonus offers. In addition to the general offers, you can expect to get a deposit bonus offer sent to your inbox if you have been inactive for a while and not played in a casino where you are are a registered member. The casino is trying to get you to come back and become an active player again.

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bonusWin a casino bonus

Bonus money is a common prize in the various contests, casino tournaments and raffles organized by online casinos. In many cases, the major wins are something else than bonus money (e.g. a vacation abroad or some fancy home electronics) while players that end up further down are rewarded with bonus money and/or free spins.

Wager requirements etc

Before you accept any casino bonus, it is important to check the terms and conditions. Usually, there will be a wager requirement. Here are a few questions that needs to be answered before you accept any bonus.

  • If you want to make a withdrawal before completing the wager requirement, is this possible? Will you lose your entire bonus and all the wins generated by the bonus, or do you get to keep at least some of it?
  • Is your entire account locked until you fulfill the wager requirement, or are you just blocked from withdrawing the bonus amount?
  • How long do you have to fulfill the wager requirement? Be honest with yourself; are you likely to actually wager this amount in this period of time?
  • How is the wager requirement calculated. Wager requirements are often stated as “wager requirement 20x” or “wager requirement 45x”, etc. But what does it mean? Different bonus offers have different rules.Example: You deposit €100 and get a 50% bonus, i.e. a €50 casino bonus. The wager requirement is 30x.

    In some casinos, this means that you need to wager the bonus amount 30 times to fulfill the wager requirement. 30 x €50 = €1,500. In other casinos, it means that you must wager the deposited amount + the bonus amount 30 times to fulfill the wager requirement. €100 + €50 = €150. 30 x €150 = €4,500.