Texas Holdem Bluffing

Bluffing is an important aspect of No Limit Texas Hold’em and there are many strategies to adhere to. Personally, I like the semi-bluff based on a draw. I do this semi-bluff from the late position only, unless there is some compelling reason for me to mix-up my strategy to throw other players off.

If I’m not in a late position, I can still be interested in making a semi-bluff, provided that I get a flush draw. The idea is to set a trap.

bluffingBe ready to limit your losses

Example 1: My bluff is called and your hand does not improve on the turn. I only have a straight draw. What to do? It is tempting to bet again on the turn, but I try to avoid it. My hopes for improving my hand on the turn didn’t come true, and it is better for me to check while hoping for the river to save me. If the river doesn’t improve my hand, I will check and fold to any bet.

Example 2: I have a pocket pair. I bet from a late position. My opponent makes a raise. The chance of me improving my hand is low, so I fold and cut my losses.

My opponent is bluffing

When you realize that your opponent is most likely bluffing, it is tempting to try to catch them with their bluff. This is risky behavior unless you actually have a very good hand yourself. Don’t get emotional. When you see someone win one pot after another by bluffing, it is tempting to start going after him, but you should avoid this unless you actually have a very good hand. Let the other players feed his stack and keep your money to yourself. Once you have a very good hand, set a trap for the lose bluffer and watch him make larger and larger bets on each street. If you display a bit of weakness, he will probably go all in.