Texas Holdem Poker Losing Streaks

Losing streaks – we all have them. Even the most highly skilled and profitable No Limit Texas Hold’em players do experience losing streaks. The key is to stick to a strategy that makes it possible for you to survive these losing streaks. Here, playing at the right level based on the size of your bankroll is key.

The worse thing you can do is letting a losing streak mess with your mind. This is when unstable people “tilt” and start doing stupid things at the poker table (or outside the poker table, like risking the poker bankroll on roulette instead).

streakIf you accept the fact that losing streaks to happen, it is easier for you to live through them without doing something stupid. If you play No Limit Texas Hold’em at an appropriate level, your bankroll should be big enough to take you through a normal losing streak.

Don’t make any rash decisions when you find yourself on a losing streak. You should always evaluate your game and your strategy when you are playing No Limit Texas Hold’em, regardless of whether you are on a winning streak or a losing streak or just grinding along. Keep on doing this continuous evaluation through the losing streak as well. If there is anything that you are actually doing wrong, you will hopefully be able to spot this. If it on the other hand is just a case of really piss-poor luck, then don’t change what is actually a good long-term No Limit Texas Hold’em strategy just because your find yourself in a losing streak.

The bad beat

Anyone who has played No Limit Texas Hold’em a lot have found themselves in the following situation:

  1. I have the best poker hand.
  2. I put a huge amount of money into the put.
  3. My opponent has an inferior hand, but refuses to fold.
  4. My opponent is miraculously saved by the river, and wins the pot.

This is a bad beat and it hurts every time it happens. But it hurts a bit less when you realize that experiencing a bad beat is a part of playing No Limit Texas Hold’em. If you stick to a good strategy that is profitable in the long run, bad beats are bound to happen, because you will play strong hands aggressively. Once in a while, you will find yourself facing an opponent that simply gets lucky with the board.

Instead of cursing the bad beat, we should be grateful that the poker world includes reckless players that are willing to go all the way with a shitty hand, hoping to get saved by the river, because we will make a lot of our money from these people. Once in a blue moon, they will get lucky. It’s just bound to happen.

Remember that poker and casino games always are more or less based on luck. Games such as online slots are all about luck but you can increase your chances in poker by using knowledge and strategies. Just don’t forget that you will get bad luck at some point, sometimes for a long time and sometimes just for a game or two.