Playing Multiple No Limit Texas Holdem Tables

If you’re familiar with any of the big online poker stars, you have probably noticed that they all tend to play at multiple poker tables at once. Playing many tables at once a good idea for several reasons, but it also has its drawbacks.

  • By playing multiple No Limit Texas Hold’em tables, you can maximize the amount of money your make per hour. Of course, if you play poorly, you will maximize the amount of money your lose per hour instead.
  • If you are easily distracted when playing poker, playing multiple tables can actually be a good idea because it will force you to focus on poker rather than play poker while also doing a myriad of other things, such as watching a movie, playing casino side games, and chatting with your friends. If six tables is what it takes to keep you on your toes, than go for it.
  • multitablePlaying at multiple tables can improve your ability to make quick decisions instead of over-thinking things. This can also decrease your tells. A long think before a re-raise will usually be interpreted as a player verifying his hand and trying to calculate how much to raise.
  • If you’re continuously making good money from poker online, you might want to consider using some of that money to buy a second screen for your computer. Having two screens makes it easier to play many tables simultaneously.


Jumping straight from one table to many tables is not recommended. Go from playing one table to playing two tables, and do not increase the number of tables until your are very confident at playing two tables simultaneously.

Unless you are an exceptionally skilled poker player, our advice is to keep all tables No Limit Texas Hold’em tables. If you start mixing in Omaha HiLo, 2-7 Triple Stud, Sökö, etc you will probably confuse yourself. As a novice player, you shouldn’t even play No Limit Texas Hold’em and Fixed Limit Texas Hold’em at the same time.

If you want to play many tables at once, you should be aware that some poker rooms will be more suitable for this than others. Do not only check how many tables that you can run at the same time, but also how well they run. You don’t want the software to freeze or cause undue delays. Playing in a downloadable poker client is usually better than playing directly in your browser.